Dr. Arjan M. Hock (France /The Netherlands), MD (Anesthetist)

Arjan has over 30 years experience with Datex-Ohmeda, Hewlett Packard, Sanofi-Aventis, Irvine Scientific and the Dutch Government in multiple Healthcare sectors including Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals, IVD and Capital equipment (Laboratory, Radiology, Cardiology, ICU). Based in France with Dutch nationality he has an extensive network in Europe, the Middle East(Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria), Latin America and the Maghreb countries. As external consultant he is responsible for the Export/Import Coaching Programme for medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands. Under this programme he has worked with exporters/manufacturers in developing countries to comply with European quality standards and after setting up partnerships/distribution network with a clear sales and marketing strategy has supported them to build up a track record in reliability and sales into Europe. With an intimate knowledge of the structures, characteristics, developments and requirements of markets in the European Union Arjan has also experience of providing assistance in improving products and production processes to comply with EU Directives and improve market competitiveness.

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